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Battlestar Galactica: The Battle at Helios Delta 6

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Battlestars in the battle at Helios Delta 6 (Low Res Version)All created on one standard off the shelf home pc.I have had many questions concerning this video, and some forums are taking this video out of context. 1. All the ships are original content, and all shots and camera work in this film, is original, visual effects etc...created by me. 2. Their are 3 key Mercury class Battlestars, all with slight variations, so all are unique, and one Heavy Cruiser aka Battlestar Titan. Battlestar Titan was built as a first Strike Battlestar after the first war. The large arament of the heavy guns on top, are high speed rail guns that have a long range strike with no recoil to affect the structure, or the structual integrity of the ship , and it's weopons are purely designed to ward off fighters rather than capital class Basestars. These weopons when they approach a Target fracture, like a shot gun blast.3. This video was made with a single computer, to prove a point too the so called experts, on certain forums. These people live in a world were the possible is impossible....so I made a point that anyone with the right focus, dream, and determination, can succeed despite the negatives. All this does does not relate to this video. If you have a goal in life, step up and do it, nobody will do it for you, only you can make your dreams become a reality. A little hard work, some blood sweat and tears, but trust in yourself.4. I hope you apprecitae this video. It cost a marriage and 4 wonderful kids. I don't reget making this video, but family time is very important....so balance your work and be well aware of your partners needs, as well as your children, if in future you decide like I did, too undertake a task, be very communicative with your girlfriend/spouse etc. 6. Join me on facebook for the all the info regarding the new movie....also feel free to give me idea's and....what you would like to see smile http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=7991225977. " So say we all "

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