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Psycoholic - Trance World Order The Album (2008)

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Psycoholic (aka M.Pravda) is a project founded in Toronto , Canada in 2004, became highly respected as producer and DJ through his unique style, determination and unforgettable live performance. He always trying to experiment with the sound and collaborate various styles of music in his production.

1.Motherland 00:00
2.Sonic Anomaly (Feat. Annkvin) 6:30
3.SOM - Acid Rain (Psycoholic Remix) 13:40
4.Hahahash 20:16
5.Columbia (Dub Edit) 26:10
6.The Third And The Mortal 32:05
7.N3xu5 - Gothika (Psycoholic Remix) 39:40
8.Achtung 46:38
9.Operation SexS 53:39
10.Drummer And The Dancer 01:02:03
11.One Night In Moscow 01:08:15

Psy Spy Records

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 01:15:18
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