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EUPHORIA - Progressive Psytrance Mix 2015

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Описание материала:

EUPHORIA - It's a state of mind, only a few get to experience it...

Do you remember one such experience when you have transitioned in to the dawn without realizing that you have spent the whole night on the dance floor & the bright sunlight is already knocking the doors, however. You don't care! Yes!! When music starts communicating with your inner senses.. you know what to listen to & who to follow smile

With that thought in mind start your journey.. I promise a good time smile This is a collection of some of my favourite tracks.. Lots of rhythm, ups & downs.. Sit back, relax & enjoy!!

Feel free to share your thoughts on this mix in the comments section & hit the like button if you enjoyed it. That will push me to do more smile

Track List:

1. Egorythmia & Suntree - Earth Consciousness
2. Pro...

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 01:50:13
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