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Epic Melodic Emotional Uplifting Trance (27 Aug, 2013)

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SUPPORT ME & LIKE MY FBPAGE: http://www.facebook.com/tranzemaniacdj-=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-DOWNLOAD: http://www.dewesh.com/2013/08/epic-melodic-emotional-uplifting-trance.html-=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-Finally a new set for you guys. This is an uplifting set for those who were not so happy with the Trouse stuff which I uploaded recently. Some epic melodic toughness for those who meant serious business. Enjoy the beauty of these wonderful uplifting high energy tracks and let me know what you think about this mix? Hit subscribe for more mixes :)01. Lostly vs. DLB - If Not You, Who vs. Souvenir Of The Pleyades (Jesper Olesen Remix) [Tranzemaniac Epic Intro Mashup] 00:00-=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-02. Light & Wave - Feeling The City (Sunset Remix) 08:08-=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-03. Talla 2Xlc Feat. Skye - Rise (Photographer Dub Remix) 14:25-=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-04. Seneta - Glasgow (Original Mix) 20:57-=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-05. Deathmind & Sequence - The Concept (Original Mix) 25:55-=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-06. Overseas - Lot Of Nothing (The Noble Six Remix) 31:06-=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-07. Angry Man - Mescaline (Future Disciple Remix) 38:19-=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-08. Commander Tom - Are Am Eye (John Askew Remix) 43:02-=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-09. Kaimo Kerge - 6 Ways To Sunday (Original Mix) 48:54-=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-------=--=--=--=--=-10. Solis & Sean Truby - The Climb (Solis And Sean Truby's Electronic Audio Outro) 54:19=====================================NOTE FOR COPYRIGHT OWNERS:====================================="There is absolutely no copyright infringement intended whatsoever. All the contents in the following video are owned by their respective owners. The audio mixed together for entertainment purposes only. If you want me to remove this mix then please send me a message here or reply in the comment section."Uplifting Trance 2013, Melodic Trance Mix 2013, Epic Trance 2013, Best Melodic Trance, Best Uplifting Trance, Top Uplifting Trance 2013, Top Melodic Trance 2013, Progressive Trance, Proper Uplifting Trance, 140BPM Trance, Trance this month, mix trance, long trance mix, tech trance mix, asian trance, no vocal trance, Progressive Vocal Club Trance, Incredible Uplifting Trance, Just Trance, Nice Uplifting Trance, Emotional Epic Trance, Amazing Uplifting Trance, High Energy, Dream TranceALL TRACKS ARE AVAILABLE AT BEATPORT & OTHER DIGITAL DOWNLOAD SHOPS. SUPPORT THE ARTISTS & RECORD LABELS BY LEGALLY DOWNLOADING TRACKS FROM DOWNLOAD STORES.

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 01:01:19
Автор: TranzemaniacDJ
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