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Battlestar Galactica EPIC Battle Montage

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Original video: http://youtu.be/nwkYaxkDO3c je pro naší zemi nedostupné, tak jsem ho jen dostupné udělal.

(Explosions begin at 1:30 for those impatient folks)

An exciting montage of Battle Scenes from the entire Battlestar Galactica Saga (Including the recently released "Blood and Chrome), incorporating the most thrilling moments of humanity's desperate struggle for survival. Who doesn't like 10 minutes of explosions in space? The epic music is listed in the credits at the end of the video, so please don't keep asking me about it!

If you're looking for more Space-Battle goodness, please check out my "Babylon 5 EPIC Battle Montage" and the BRAND NEW "Star Wars EPIC Battle Montage!"

Although it's too late to change the credits, ENORMOUS credit goes to Zoic Studios, Atmosphere Visual Effects & BSG In-House Visual Effects. Led by Visual FX Supervisor Gary Hutzel, these guys put out movie-quality special effects on an anemic budget. So Say We All!

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